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We at d:matcha visit and purchase tea leaves directly from specific farmers who have cultivated on their farms for generations and have the best skills in Japan to grow green tea. Also, our d:matcha staff works full time with these farmers in Wazuka to help produce the highest quality green tea.

In Wazuka, Wazuka river runs through the center of the town with a forest surrounding the town. The river and forests often create a lot of “fog”. The “fog” is the secret of the sweetness/umami of the green tea. 

The tea trees absorb nutritions from their roots and produce and preserve Theanine in the leaves. However, Theanine becomes Catechin, the origin of bitterness and astringency, due to sunlight. To prevent sunlight and retain Theanine, farmers cover the tea trees by black sheet called “Kanreisha” for several days when they produce high quality green tea such as Gykuro and matcha. Especially for high quality green tea leaf production, famers put in a lot of effort to cover the trees with the black sheet. Timing of the covering is an extremely crucial step to provide green tea lovers with that refreshing and consistent taste.

The landform of Wazuka works well for high quality green tea leaves. The fog covers the tea trees and reduces the amount of sunlight, thereby helping them retain Theanine, the source of sweetness/umami. Wazuka is suitable for the production of green tea leaves which have a lot of Theanine. By leveraging the natural landscape, Wazuka is known as the high quality green tea leaves production area.

Because we produce and sell green tea leaves ourselves, we choose only the highest quality leaves, which adhere to our high and stringent criteria by watching and tasting in the farms. We are also able to respond our customers's feedback to create new editions of our green tea product. We follow the rules of the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fishery to ensure the highest standard and safety.

These spirit and dedication create our Japanese green tea. We hope you enjoy our craft.


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