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Japanese green tea comes in different tastes, types and aromas. Here at d:matcha, we organize regular tea flights where we educate tea enthusiast as well as new users of green tea about the different varieties of green tea.

This unique tea experiential session is designed to help you become an expert in identifying the distinct tea characteristics whenever you taste tea. We believe tea drinking should not just be a routine part of your daily life but an experience that uplifts you and engages your senses.

When you participate in our tea flight, you will be introduced to four main types of tea: Matcha, Gyokuro, Sen-cha and Houji-cha.

1. Matcha Flight

Matcha is fine powered green tea and the most commonest since its used in making the popular matcha latte. Its less bitter and has very high aroma, caffeine and umami (sweetness). At our tea flight, we would be providing you with three different varieties of matcha for tasting; Matcha Samidori, Matcha Gokou and Matcha Okumidori. They all have different uniqueness in umami, bitterness and aroma but the most distinctive difference is the strength of their green coloring.

2. Gyokuro

Gyokuro is produced from the rolling or light twisting of processed loose tea tea. Its particularly high in caffeine and umami because its covered with black sheets a few weeks before harvesting. A key element that determines the taste of tea is called theanine and this produces sweetness when the leaves are protected from sunlight.

3. Sen-cha Flight

Sen-cha, just like Gyokuro is dried twisted loose green tea leaves. Unlike Gyokuro, it receives a lot of sunlight which helps in the production of catechin and gives it more bitterness. For our sen-cha flight, we provide three different varieties of sen-cha for tasting. Sen-cha Yabukita, Sen-cha Okumidori and Sen-cha Gokou. Yabukita is known for its golden color, Okumidori has a milky taste and Goku has rich umami and less bitterness.

4. Houji-cha 

Houji-cha is roasted green tea with no caffeine and very high aroma. It is not bitter and its popular among coffee lovers due to the similarities in aroma. Its a well crafted tea and the taste is largely determined by the roasting time and temperature of tea leaves.

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