Matcha Parfait: new product launch d:matcha Cafe & Kitchen in Wazuka, Kyoto

We launched a matcha parfait (MATCHA 5) in July.  

You can enjoy the five different taste of match.

Now we are sharing how to create the matcha parfait (MATCHA5) ! 

①matcha souflle 

On the bottom of the parfai, matcha soufle is located.  

The soufle has the soft texture with the rich taste of matcha. 

On the soufle, we place flesh milk cream, roasted soy flour and black honey. 

Roasted soy flour and black honey are the one of the most famous combination in Japanese sweets(Wagashi) 

Next one is vanilla ice cream.  

 ②matcha granola 

Matcha granola can add the crispy texture. Vanilla ice cream fits well with the matcha granola.  We use bitter matcha to intrigue the taste. 

③matcha blanc-manger 

We made this blanc-manger by milk and matcha.  On the blanc-manger, flesh cream is placed again. We use more bitter blend to increase matcha 's taste while people eat  it with the flesh milk cream.

④matcha ice cream 

On the top, there is our hand made matcha ice cream. we use the matcha which is not so bitter but has a rich flavor. This matcha is not bitter but has umami taste. 

⑤ matcha sylup 

For the matcha syrup, we choose matcha which ha a bright color.  Red beans and white mochi are also added on the top. 

Now it is ready for eating. 

Because we are producing a wide variety of matcha in Wazuka Kyoto, we are choosing the suitable blend of matcha for each parts. Please visit us and enjoy the various taste of matcha. 

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