New tea menu options to enjoy in our Wazuka cafe!

In Wazuka, the fields of evergreen tea plants are bordered by the red and yellow colors of fall and the temperature is dropping. The tea farmers have finished the third harvest of the year and the tea trees, looking like they have had a fresh haircut, will go dormant for the next few months, building strength for new growth in the spring.

Mt. Kamatsuka's tea fields through Autumn leaves

At d:matcha, we are preparing for colder weather and for the Christmas season by offering new menu items. We are emphasizing our roasted teas by adding a new tea, genmaicha, to our cafe menu. Genmaicha is green tea with roasted rice and, along with our houjicha (roasted green tea), has a rich aroma and rich flavor that will warm you up from the inside.

Genmaicha tea - green tea with roasted rice

Nothing is better on a cold day that a steaming bowl of ramen. As always at d:matcha, we incorporate our tea into our recipe and our ramen is no different. We are serving ramen with pork, egg, and bean sprouts and topped with houjicha. The roasted flavor of houjicha pairs well with the umami flavors of the soup.

Ramen Soup topped with houjicha (roasted green tea)

Make sure to leave room for dessert! Matcha is highlighted in both our new dessert options. Our parfait has a new spin with the addition of fresh apple. The crisp apple is paired with matcha ice cream, fresh cream, and matcha baked goodies.

Matcha Parfait with Apple

Our second new winter dessert option, our matcha dessert plate, is a great option for those who want a little taste of everything. This plate includes matcha cheesecake, matcha and houjicha chocolate cake, and matcha ice cream.

Matcha dessert plate

After enjoying a hiking tour to one of our tea farms and learning how to pick your own tea leaves, come to our cafe to enjoy one of these delicious treats. We look forward to serve you!



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