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40 g / 1.41 oz
contains 10 servings

  • Product Information

    The high quality green tea Gyokuro is made with Gokou, a variety originally from Kyoto. The product is picked in the First Flush (first harvest of the year). It is produced in Kyotanabe, Kyoto and processed in Wazuka, Kyoto. The tea leaves are covered for 22 days.

    Gyokuro Production Process:
    After harvesting the specific tea leaves, the leaves are immediately steamed and dried to prevent them from getting fermented/oxidized (which would turn the tea into black tea). The dried tea leaves are rolled into tight twists to reduce moisture in the tea leaves to produce the final loose-leaf tea product.


    Caffeine: 96 mg
    Catechin/Theanin: 0.138 g
    Vitamin C: 11.4 mg
    (per serving)

  • Characteristics

    Gyokuro is a high quality green tea that offers a very strong umami taste. By selecting only the young tea leaves for Gyokuro, we use these soft leaves to give it a mild taste. After brewing Gyokuro for your drink, you can also eat the tea leaves that are rich in nutrition.

  • Instructions

    Each serving uses 4 g of loose-leaf tea mixed with 150 mL (a little less than 3/4 cup). The tea can be brewed multiple times which will result in slightly different flavor.

    First brew: use 50˚C water and brew for 2 min
    Second brew: use 60˚C water and brew for 5 sec (yes, seconds)
    Third brew: use 70˚C water and brew for 10 sec
    Fourth brew: use 80˚C water and brew for 10 sec



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