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  • Product Information

    Our Samidori matcha is produced and processed in Wazuka, Kyoto. Tea leaves are plucked in the First Flush (first harvest of the year). The tea buds are covered for 22 days.

    Samidori is native to Kyoto region and is the most popular ceremonial grade tea.

    Matcha Production Process:
    For our matcha, we harvest our own tea leaves from Wazuka, Kyoto. From harvest, we immediately steam and dry the tea leaves to prevent the leaves from getting fermented/oxidized. We then remove the stems and the veins and grind the dried leaves (called Tencha) into fine matcha powder.


    Caffeine: 64 mg
    Catechin/Theanine: 0.2 g
    Vitamin C: 1.2 mg
    (per serving)

  • Characteristics

    Samidori well balances the umami and the bitterness taste in matcha. Samidori is also historically the highest grade of Uji matcha. The tea has a strong umami taste and a beautiful baby green color.

  • Instructions

    Each serving uses 2 g (~ 1 teaspoon) of matcha.

    Mix in 90 mL (1/3 cup) of 90˚C water.

    Whisk vigorously using a zigzag motion until the matcha is frothy.



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